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Green Hornet LED night light

Green Hornet LED night light

Green Hornet LED night light

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Product Name: Mammoth T-Neon 36W Luminaire
The T-neon is mainly used in order to germinate seeds, and to grow. Cuttings
Allows you also complete for growth and propagation of your plants do.
Look at the root propagator it and hang in there this T-neon top and your seedlings or cuttings are really huge in no time.
They therefore give little heat and sense also suitable for enclosed spaces and tents.
Perfect in combination with the root it propagator and the Mammoth tent site.
The lamps can also be used to mature, there should be only eenandere color lamp placed.

With the Green Hornet LED night light can be at night to work in your greenhouse without disturbing your plants in the photosynthesis process, it also saves excessive use of electricity (only 3.5 Watts) and 780 lumens. It also works with your standard bulb. This LED bulb makes life a lot easier for you and your plants